Our vision

Our vision is to create an innovative and international centre ioffering holistic support to cancer patients, their relatives and everyone that is in contact with the disease

Through our online training courses, individual  coaching and a platform for information and exchange, we are making our way to realizing that vision. Anyone interested or affected – and we ourselves – thus have a wide range of possibilities at our disposal to realize our full potential, support recovery and health and to live the life we envision.

Our values

We modeled our values after Aaron Antonovsky’s salutogenic model. It is only when we find meaningfulness, comprehend and find a form of manageability of and in our life, that we reach a sense of coherence. You will know this sensation, when it becomes warm and comfortable in your belly, when everything feels just right and aligned.

1. Love and Mindfulness

Love and mindfulness accompany us every day – at work and at home.

2. Awareness

We need to know our strengths and weaknesses as much as we need to know our feelings and motives, in order to understand why we behave the way we do. Only with this self-reflection are we able to control our behavior and actions.

3. Authenticity

Authenticity means that a person is not determined by external influences but finds value and worthiness within him- or herself. Everyone is as they are and is allowed to be that way. Everyone has an incredible potential, which sometimes is just slumbering within. This potential can be discovered and respected, allowing all to make their own individual contribution. We accompany ourselves and our clients in the desire to discover, to know ourselves better and in searching for truth and truthfulness – for authenticity.

4. Balance

Balance in life turns self-awareness into paths to success, inner peace into competence and confidence into vision. We are constantly working on our balance, so that we represent a basis to accompany our clients on their way to their balance.

5. Sustainability

Working and living sustainably – We contribute to strengthening sustainable lifestyles by influencing the environmental behavior of our employees, but also that of our clients, by promoting eco-conscious actions, such as recycling or energy saving.

Furthermore, our work resonates by providing our clients with tools that can be used in a variety of ways and that permanently sustain and support their change processes.

6. Gratitude

Gratitude is a real help in life and a declaration of love for life. It is one of the many keys to happiness and fulfillment. We get a deep sense of satisfaction, joy and contentment when we consciously think about what we can be grateful for. With gratitude for all that is, we go our way and are happy to take you along.

7. Holism

Holism as the foundation of what we do – paying attention to all three levels of body, mind and spirit is an essential part of our philosophical basis and hene of what we offer, not only for our clients/customers, but also for ourselves.

8. Quality Awareness

Quality awareness is an essential building block and provides the framework for our work.

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