We’re so happy you’re here.

Going forward, you will find posts and information about topics such as psycho-oncology, healthy and conscious living, self-development, communication, and more.

All posts are designed to inform, offer insight, encouragement and tips, so that you may choose more health and calm as well as get ideas about how to implement healthier and mindful actions into your life.

A cancer diagnosis is a traumatic experience and a tremendously difficult situation. It is also, however, a chance and a wake-up call. We want to encourage you to live the life you want. To express your needs, to take care of yourself and to be able to deal with life’s challenges in a constructive and healthy way. Before, during and after your cancer journey.

To do that, our work at TBAcare – and that includes our blog posts – is always carried by the aspects of holism and Salutogenesis.

Body Mind Spirit TBAcare

Holism for us means to focus on all levels and parts of a person’s being: body, mind and spirit. In our opinion, they cannot be separated. Each part is influenced and influences the others. One cannot be healthy or recover from a disease, just by treating the body. The mind and spirit play an important role during the cancer journey and will be part of determining how well you cope with cancer and how a cancer journey may look for you.

With Salutogenesis we are referring to Aaron Antonovsky’s findings. Salutogenesis asks the question of how health originates. The answer is many-fold, but we think that the Sense of Coherence is a great place to start. That particular sense exists, when you comprehend, can manage and find meaning in the happenings of your life. It is a sense of calm, when everything feels just right and aligned. Achieving that Sense of Coherence takes a bit of work and effort for most people. We are here to help and support.

Aaron Antonovsky

When we are talking about healing and recovery, we focus not on the physical abilities, but rather on how a person can regain harmony and a stress-less life. With a cancer diagnosis specifically, orthodox medicine and “classical therapies” are great at relieving symptoms – but changing nothing else, i.e. the mind and returning to the old life afterwards, basically means that you are going back to square one, possibly to start all over again. Taking the learnings and experiences of your cancer journey should make you realise that your “old and normal life” was not conducive to your health and this should be re-evaluated and then amended accordingly.


We would be happy to accompany you on this journey to finding a new way of healthy, stress-free and harmonious living.


Our goal is to support you in a way that enables you to draw on the resources that already lie within you and to be able to help yourself in whatever situation life throws at you.


It is your life and your health – and it is therefore up to you to take care of it!

Your TBAcare Team